NeoClinic Menyediakan PCR, Swab dan Rapid Test Berkualitas

Conditions in Indonesia are expansive bringing about wellbeing variations in a few districts. The hole in the nature of wellbeing and the cost to pay. NeoClinic is here to answer every one of these holes.

NeoClinic is an innovation based wellbeing center. By utilizing innovation, we need to make it simpler for clients to discover the closest center with the goal that it makes it simpler for clients to look for treatment or other wellbeing related necessities. As well as making it simpler for clients to discover facilities, diminishing the hole in innovation and cost with the goal that it is more moderate.

Rapid Test

Rapid diagnostic test (RDT) detects the presence of viral proteins (antigens) expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample from the respiratory tract of a person. If the target antigen is present in sufficient concentrations in the sample, it will bind to specific antibodies fixed to a paper.

Swab Test

The PCR test is a molecular test for all patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19. This test is a recommendation made by the World Health Organization (WHO) since the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the world. This test is used to detect disease by looking for traces of the viral genetic material in the samples collected.


Vaccines are antigenic substances that are used to produce immunity against a disease.

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Corporate Swab Test

Conditions in Indonesia are very broad resulting in health disparities in several regions. The gap in the quality of health and the price to pay. NeoClinic is here to answer all these gaps.

NeoClinic is a technology-based health clinic. By using technology, we want to make it easier for users to find out the nearest clinic so that it makes it easier for users to seek treatment or other health-related needs. In addition to making it easier for users to find clinics, reducing the gap in technology and price so that it is more affordable.